Our Driving Force

ECM started manufacturing heat-treatment furnaces in 1928. Since that time, ECM personnel have been completely committed to expanding their knowledge in the fields of temperature control, high pressures, vacuum and behavior of materials. This expertise, on an industrial scale, has always been enriched by our close partnership with low pressure carburizing furnace users, engineers, heat treat engineers and developers. Today, our knowledge base is at the core of all our customers’ production lines. It is this concern for caring and listening, combined with our passion for our profession, which has forged our spirit of innovation.

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Research and Development

ECM Technologies R&D department is a wide open structure which establishes partnerships with clients in order to qualify and validate the benefits of our solutions in their environment. Our R&D department is composed of teams of product and process experts who have several test facilities available worldwide including testing platforms in the USA at our new Synergy Center.
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ECM Technologies invests about 10% of its sales in R&D for the development of thermal processes with high added value and the creation of innovative furnaces and machines.