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To meet the most diverse applications, the ICBP® range is now available in modular furnaces, such as ICBP® Flex and ICBP® Jumbo, double chamber (ICBP® Duo) and single chamber furnaces (ICBP® Mono) and (ICBP® Nano). More than 200 installations corresponding to more than 1000 heating cells producing in the world today.

ICBP® Nano

ICBP® Nano is the latest product in the range of Low Pressure Carburizing and carbonitriding furnaces, which uses technologies already proven on over 200 installations and 1000 ICBP® heating cells through out the world. The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (which can be extended to 6 heating cells, corresponding to 2 heating modules) and gas quenching cells to quench the parts. The carburizing cells are stacked up to reduce the footprint’s installation as much as possible. The ICBP® Nano integrates directly into the production line which allows it to reduce the cycle time while simplifying the flow between the machining and heat treatment.
  • Treatment Capacity
    Gross Load Width Depth Height
    100 kg 500 mm 600 mm 250 mm

    These are just a some of the major advantages of the
    ICBP® Nano:

    • Flexibility:
      Adding 3 extra heating cells on an existing installation to increase the productive capacity.
    • Guaranteed Performance:
      Thanks to our test platform and integrated metallurgy laboratory.
    • Improved Productivity:
      Directly integrated into the machining line.
      Shorter treament cycles (possible speed: 1load / 7.5mm)
    • Shorten installation time on site:
      The equipment is completely assembled and tested before shipment with minimal   disassembly, reassembly and start is greatly shortened.

    Download Nano PDF

    Possible Processes

    • Vacuum Carburizing
    • Vacuum Carbonitriding
    • Hardening
    • High Temperature Tempering
    • Vacuum Annealing
    • Brazing
    • Sintering

ICBP® Jumbo

ICBP® JUMBO is the latest ECM solution design for the low pressure carburizing furnace range. It maintains all the compact and modular qualities of the ICBP® Flex however, design goes further in terms of volume and number of parts treated in a low pressure carburizing installation.

The major points of the ICBP® Jumbo:

  • Can accommodate up to 12 cells in the same row
  • Fully compatible with all versions of AMS2750E aerospace specification
  • Compact systems with the cells facing one another and the possibility to have gas and oil quenching on the same installation
  • Possibility to perform maintenance from the back AND the front of the cell DURING production thanks to rails on which the cells are mounted which make the maintenance position possible.

The transfer module is isolated and heated to guarantee quenching uniformity from one load to the next. This modularity guarantees the possibility to mix any type of recipe process with a continuous work flow.
Download Jumbo PDF

ICBP® Flex

  • Our Flex is the most innovative and popular solution of ECM’s Low Pressure Carburizing furnace range.

    The modular and compact design of the ICBP® Flex meets the highest demands in terms of productivity and part quality. The ICBP® Flex can receive oil quenching cells (hot or cold), simple gas or reversible dual stream (up to 20 bar) quenching and heating cells, their number depending on the required production capacity. Convective cells to high temperature tempering are also available. A light heat-insulating transfer machine ensures that loads can move from one cell to another.
    Our patents avoid the use of vacuum tight doors between different heating cells. An optional version AMS 2750 E is available.

    This modularity guarantees the possibility to mix any type of treatment recipe with a continuous workflow.

    Download Flex PDF


  • The ICBP® Duo furnaces contain one heat chamber using the Infracarb® patent for low pressure carburizing or carbonitriding, and one quenching cell. The quenching cell can be oil (hot or cold) or gas (maximum pressure of 20 bar).

    Range Gas Quenching Oil Quenching L x L x H Working Weight
    ICBP DUO 644 X X 600 x 450 x 450 200kg
    ICBP DUO 966 X X 960 x 610 x 660 500kg
    ICBP DUO 1299 X 1200 x 910 x 910 1500kg

ICBP® Mono

  • Single chamber furnaces from the ICBP® range

    ICBP® Mono furnaces comprise a heating chamber using the Infracarb® patent for low pressure carburizing or carbonitriding. The cooling phase is performed with inert gas in the heating chamber.

    Range L x L x H Working Weight
    ICBP MONO 644 600 x 450 x 450 200kg
    ICBP MONO 966 960 x 610 x 660 500kg
    ICBP MONO 1299 1200 x 910 x 910 1500kg