Nano Maintenance Rendering - easy and efficient

ECM vacuum furnaces use cold wall technology that enables higher temperature treatments and easy integration into machining lines. This allows for a higher throughput while preventing inter-granular oxidation during carburizing - thanks to the absence of oxygen.

  • • Easily replace batch IQ and/or sealed quench systems
  • • Electric heating, cold-wall technology
  • • No fire hazards or open flames
  • • Minimize energy usage and reduce CO2 emissions
  • • Increase production & process repeatability
  • • Improve metallurgical properties

Vacuum also improves employee safety by removing the risk of fire hazards and open flames generated during the process.

Furthermore, thanks to the higher productivity and minimized energy loss with vacuum technology, you will see an increase in production efficiency which directly influences environmental standards and green initiatives.

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ECM USA provides industrial vacuum furnaces for a wide range of applications, including: Brazing, Sintering, Carburizing & Carbonitriding, LPC for EV (electric vehicle) Transmissions, Vapor Phase Aluminization/Aluminizing (VPA/VPC/FIC), Vacuum Induction Melting, Vacuum Arc Remelting (VIM/VAR), Tempering, Vacuum Purged Gas Nitriding (VPGN), Ferritic Nitrocarburizing  (FNC) & more.

Under our ECM Greentech division, we offer research and development & lab furnaces for: Deposition, Photovoltaic, Crystal Growth, Rapid Thermal Processing, Annealing & more.

ECM USA’s Synergy Center provides Research and Development for all load testing to ensure process capabilities before you commit to a system purchase. Located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, it has been designed to solve all of your process development and testing needs! Send or bring your parts to ECM USA to test various low pressure vacuum carburizing and loading scenarios in our Nano vacuum furnace with high pressure gas quenching. Receive on-site CMM dimensional measurement analysis, 3D microscope analysis and metallurgical hardness results while you wait.

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servicesIMG_700x453As a leading global industrial vacuum furnace manufacturer, ECM's mission is to design and manufacture high quality low pressure vacuum carburizing, carbonitriding, brazing, sintering, and induction melting furnaces and automated systems in North, Central and South America (click here for more applications).

Our vacuum furnace systems benefit from more than 50 years of engineering & design expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Our field service and aftermarket services ensure smooth installation along with unparalleled training and aftermarket parts availability. 

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