What We Offer

Furnace Applications
    • Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC)
    • Carbonitriding (LPCN)
    • Neutral Hardening
    • Oil & Gas Quenching
    • Rapid Thermal Processing
Service & Automation
    • On-site system assembly
    • Electrical interconnects installation
    • Upkeep and software training
    • Maintenance Programs
    • ECM Robotics & automation
Experience & Quality
    • Years of heat treat experience
    • Growth and expansion
    • Dedicated personnel
    • Technology & Innovations
Development Lab
    • Dimensional measurements
    • Hardness profile analysis
    • 3D microscope analysis
    • Various load scenarios
    • ICBP® Nano in-house testing

ECM Manufacturing

As an industrial vacuum furnace manufacturer, ECM USA’s mission is to provide you high quality low pressure vacuum carburizing and vacuum carbonitriding furnaces, services and spare parts for ECM Technologies™ products in North, Central and South America. Our vacuum furnace systems are built using experienced engineering, advanced manufacturing and installation expertise, and specifically designed to provide high up-time to demanding production environments all over the world.

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ECM USA’s Synergy Center is an R&D laboratory located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It has been designed to solve all of your load testing needs! Bring your parts to ECM USA to test various low pressure vacuum carburizing, gas/oil quenching and loading scenarios – and receive on-site analysis of dimensional measurements and metallurgical results while you wait.

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