JIPELEC™ High-Quality Systems

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Synergy Center

R&D laboratory designed to solve all of your load testing needs

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ICBP® Nano

The most COMPACT installation of Low Pressure Carburizing furnaces.

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ICBP® Jumbo

Fully compatible with all versions of AMS2750E aerospace specification.

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ICBP® Pitless Duo

Contain one heat chamber using the Infracarb®

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One module furnace with stacked heating cells to reduce your installation footprint


Compact and modular furnace capable of high volumes with quench uniformity


Modular & compact furnace flexible for oil, gas or dual stream quenching & heating cells


Double chamber furnace with gas or oil quenching designed to optimize cycles

What We Offer

Product Applications
Service & Maintenance
  • On-site system assembly
  • Electrical interconnects installation
  • Test runs
  • Upkeep and software training
Quality & Commitment
  • Years of experience in heat
    treating furnaces
  • Growth and expansion
  • Dedicated personnel
Development Lab
  • Dimensional measurements
  • Hardness profile & 3D microscope analysis
  • Various load scenarios

In the Hot Seat with ECM