The Duo TH Oil Quenching and Duo TG Gas Quenching comprises 2 independent chambers separated by a vacuum-tight door. Both solutions are compatible with AMS 2750 E and suitable for the treatment of aeronautics parts. The quenching cell can be oil (hot or cold) or gas (maximum pressure of 20 bar).

The double chamber vacuum furnace design is optimized to shorten treatment cycles thanks to the heating chamber which is already hot. Its enhanced treatment quality is achieved by using mature and patented Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) and Carbonitriding (LPCN) processes already proven on more than 200 installations and 1100 ICBP heating cells throughout the world.

• Compatible with LPC & LPCN processes
• No oxidation
• No de-carburizing
• No carbon potential control required
• Less power consumption
• Optimum atmosphere quality
• Enhanced fatigue strength with combination of LPC and stop quenching
• Excellent repeatability, from batch to batch, from part to part

Facility Advantages
• Direct integration in machining workshop
• The installation is completely automated
• Less surface occupied on the ground
• No civil engineering required (pitless)
• Short transfer time between heating chamber & quenching
• An access door at the rear of heating cell for easy maintenance
• Fully assembled and tested in our facility before shipment

• Vacuum carburizing
• Vacuum carbonitriding
• Hardening
• Precipitation hardening
• Vacuum annealing
• Brazing
• Sintering

Range Gas Quench Oil Quench L x W x H Working Weight
ICBP Duo 644 X X 600 x 450 x 450 200-250kg
ICBP Duo 966 X X 960 x 610 x 660 500-750kg
ICBP Duo 1299   X 1200 x 910 x 910 1500kg

Working temperature from 800 °C to 1,200 °C, maximum temperature is 1,250°C


• Machine compatible with AMS2750
• Protective atmosphere convection heating
• System for exhaust gas treatment
• Cooling water loop
• Quenching gas recovery system (for Helium)
• All peripherals such as washing machine, preheating, tempering, storage, transfer system and loading/unloading stations, etc.

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