Tubestar: Batch-Type Horizontal Furnace

tubestar-tubularfurnaceECM Tubestar is the compact batch-type tubular furnace from ECM Lab Solutions.
The key characteristics of this furnace line are:

• Precise thermo-chemical treatments combined with industrial process control
• Integration modularity
• User-friendly interface

Each populated chamber can be independently configured and operated in a large range of atmospheric, sub-atmospheric or low pressure processes. The Tubestar furnace can also handle multiple gases and liquid precursors with a temperature range from 200°C to 1300°C. Its modular design allows to meet a large range of clean thermal treatments for R&D and small production facilities.

• Primary vacuum pump & Secondary vacuum pump
• Atmospheric configuration (reduced, low pressure or ultra-high vaccum)
• Wet oxidation
• By-product treatment systems
• Turbomolecular pumping assembly
• Water cooling unit
• Possible robotics and advanced automation integration

• Annealing
• Sintering
• Diffusion
• Oxidation
• Glass-to-metal sealing

• Ceramics
• Glass
• III - V
• II - VI
• Sapphiire
• Superconductors
• GaN
• SiC
• Metal
• Quartz
• Silicon

• Modular and flexible & tiny footprint

• 1 to 4 independent process chambers

• Configurable for 25/50 or 50/100 wafers per chamber

• Manual or automatic boat loading

• Temperature range (up to 1100°c - 1200°c upon request)

• Minimized heat load around the system

• Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 1500*800*1500 mm

• Teflon type, Oil type or Dry Pump

• Compatible with 156X square substrate (PV)

• Spike and profile thermocouple control

• Loading platform, Handling tool

• Multizone heating element

• Atmospheric or vacuum process capability

• Gas Cabinet for up to 13 gases

• Liquid source precursor Cabinet and vaporization

• SEMCO Mycro process Management software