About ECM Technologies

As a vacuum furnace manufacturer subsidiary, ECM USA’s mission is to provide you high quality vacuum furnace systems for a diverse range of industrial and commercial to lab and R&D heat treat applications (vacuum carburizing, vacuum carbonitriding, brazing, sintering, VIM/VAR, MIM, rapid thermal processing/annealing, ageing, chemical vapor deposition, etc), services and aftersales for ECM Technologies™ products in North, Central and South America. Our vacuum furnace systems are built using experienced engineering, advanced manufacturing and installation expertise, and specifically designed to provide high up-time to demanding production environments all over the world – especially in the Automotive and Aerospace manufacturing markets.

Our products incorporate other peripheral equipment to provide a complete, one source, turn-key heat treating solution. This allows our customers to have their complete heat treat system working on one PLC based system, which includes: preheating, automation, heat treating (low pressure carburizing, carbonitriding, neutral hardening with oil or gas quenching) and tempering equipment. These installations are sourced and supported by our directly owned subsidiary here in North America.

The ECM USA team is highly experienced to analyze metallurgical and heat treat distortion data and to evaluate production and budget needs in order to provide economical and high quality solutions to your manufacturing and corporate requirements. Stop by our Pleasant Prairie, WI, office and test your parts in our ICBP® Nano available in our Synergy Center! Our field assistance logistics service team can provide on-site, as needed solutions, and remote assistance is set-up to accelerate and facilitate service.

From identifying needs to installation, as well as maintenance and support, ECM USA is with you every step of the way to guarantee your new furnace system performs as quoted! ECM USA will provide a turnkey installation as part of the quoted package, including:

  • Crating, shipping, insurance, taxes, trucking and uncrating
  • Assembly of system at your site
  • All electrical interconnects between components, power and PLC
  • Debug test and start-up
  • Recipe development and implementation in your facility
  • Maintenance training
  • Simulation software training

ECM Tech Map

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ECM History


ECM continues innovative R&D vacuum furnace applications


ECM launches the Eco Vacuum Furnace System


ECM introduces ECM Robotics advanced automation innovations


ECM USA Synergy Center established with ICBP® Nano


ECM announces 950 heating cells installed worldwide
ECM launches the ICBP® NANO furnace


ECM announces 20 bar High pressure gas quenching with reversing capabilities for Nitrogen or Helium


ECM launches the ICBP® JUMBO furnace


ECM India founded


ECM launches LPC continuous furnace


ECM China was founded


ECM processes patented:
• low pressure carbonitriding


ECM acetylene processes patented


Gas quench cell patented


ECM USA was founded


ECM processes patented; low pressure carburizing infracarb


ECM equipment patented; ICBP vertical


1st photovoltaic furnace delivered


Initial tests of low pressure carburizing & gas quenching


ECM begins development of vacuum furnace technology


ECM founded (France)