Heat Treating In House


ICBP® Nano: Most compact LPC furnace with stacked heating and gas quenching cells

If you are considering bringing your heat treating in house, we are here to help you every step of the way! It’s not just about saving cost, but improving efficiency as well. Below are a few substantial reasons that you should consider bringing your heat treat in house.

    • Maintain better control of your process. Reduce logistics, delay transportation internally/externally, optimize cycle time (specifically for load design and heat treat parts), achieve better up-time, and increase your understanding of heat treating.
    • Speed of production is significantly increased. You no longer have to wait on signed non-disclosure agreements for 3rd party heat treaters and moving heat treating to the end of your production line takes out shipping time and cost entirely.
    • The savings on pre- and post- treatment operation are massive. Savings from integration (incoming inspection/quality control/tracking/expediting parts/transportation) will also improve quality on your whole production line.
    • It’s easier than you think! There are only 4 parameters to monitor (temperature/pressure/time/gas flow) and ECM USA will provide continuous support and service.
    • Maintain (or possibly enhance) part quality. Own your quality, own your process.

    Is heat treating in house not quite right for your production plan, but you are still interested in an ECM ICBP® low pressure vacuum furnace?
    Bring your parts to our Synergy Center to test in our ICBP® Nano! We can also help to introduce you to third party heat treaters who utilize our ICBP® furnaces or work with your current outsourced heat treater to incorporate ECM technology into their process.

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