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Robotics Integration, Management and Complete Automated Solutions


robotics-squareECM Robotics, an ECM Group division, integrates and manages a variety of robotic solutions for a wide range of applications. Knowledge, expertise, and comprehensive service programs ensure the successful integration of robots in your production line.

ECM Robotics offers the best experience for your project from the initial planning phase to installation and management. This is accomplished by using the latest technologies and adept ECM innovation. Virtual reality is used in the concept phase, 3D printers are used to design prototypes (grippers), and 3D simulations are conducted to validate concepts and to simulate cycles.

Virtual Reality

• Used during the planning phase to showcase the project and illustrate its feasibility
• Helps in dimensional, conceptual and anticipated future developments
• Shows the project in 1:1 scale – even before manufacturing
• Helps to optimize conception and further development

3D Printing

• An innovative approach in developing and validating ECM patented grippers
• Optimized for the R&D phase to achieve time & cost reductions compared to aluminum prototypes
• Conceptual enhancements for flexibility and creativity

3D Simulation

• Simulate real load scenarios to assure design expectations
• Depict cycle times to 1/10 of a second
• Payload charge simulations predict whether or not a load can be manipulated
• Overall validation of concept and cycle implementation

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