JetLight® RTA Furnace

JETLIGHT is the Jipelec entry-level software-controlled desktop-type rapid thermal annealing (RTA) system.

JETLIGHT is a compact and robust high speed heat treatment system suitable for the rapid thermal annealing (RTA) of a wide range of material substrates and structures (steel, glass, c-Si solar, III-V, II-VI, Germanium, superconductors and ceramics) with a maximum size of 2-inch dia. (50-mm). JETLIGHT’s specifications and capabilities meet the requirements of Universities and Research centers looking to start RTP in a multi-user environment. The furnace is equipped with a tubular quartz reaction chamber and is therefore compatible with the processing of tridimensional samples with a maximum length of 150 mm. The process is performed at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum (with the use of gas or not). A PID system provides an accurate and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range.

• Hot-wall chamber design
• Substrate size up to 50-mm dia. and 150-mm length
• Microprocessor-controlled thyristor technology
• Up to two (2) gas introduction lines
• Atmospheric and vacuum process capabilities

• Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA) of implants and contacts
• Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO) and Nitridation (RTN)
• Rapid Thermal Diffusion (RTD) – e.g. Spin-on Dopant
• Crystallization, densification and structural stress relaxation
• Printed contact firing

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