AFTER SALES SERVICE: Commitment and Reactivity

ECM Technologies supports you while and after the acquisition of your installation:

• After sales support available 24/7 all over the world

• Subsidiaries in China, India, Germany and USA

• Test and diagnosis platform

• International stock of spare parts ready for shipment

• Fast delivery for optimal productivity

• Availability of our experts to advise you or to support you forthwith

Our range of services: training, preparation, installation, remote maintenance, starting up.

RETROFIT: Improve, Update and Adapt

At ECM Technologies, innovation serves your installation (ICBP or vacuum). Our expertise and our retrofit programs allow you to improve, update or adapt your installation no matter what the brand is.

Our experience and processes are performant. Your installation increases its profitability. Today, we still maintain furnaces cumulative of more than 45 years of production!
This retrofit service conducted by ECM Technologies and Serthel Industries can be mechanical, electrical or both.

We strongly believe all of our customers have to benefit from these innovations.


ECM Technologies has an inventory of used ECM furnaces - and other brands as well. Considering a used furnace has numerous advantages:

• Budget conscious
• Cost optimization
• Commissioning optimization
• Reduced delays
• Update/Retrofit of the furnace
• All furnaces are reviewed by ECM Technologies

To view a current furnace inventory, please visit or contact us for more information.


ECM Robotics is an ECM Group’s division that has the capacity to integrate and manage all kinds of robots for a wide range of applications. Its know how and services ensure the successful integration of robots in your production lines.

ECM Robotics innovates to offer the best experience for your project from its inception to its commissioning. To do so, the latest technologie and innovations are involved. Virtual reality is used since the conception phase to “feel” the project since its premises, 3D printers are used to design prototypes (grippers) and 3D simulations are conducted to validate concepts and to simulate cycles.


ECM USA’s Synergy Center is an R&D laboratory located in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. It has been designed to solve all of your load testing needs! Bring your parts to ECM USA to test various low pressure vacuum carburizing, gas/oil quenching and loading scenarios – and receive on-site analysis of dimensional measurements and metallurgical results while you wait.


When you purchase a furnace from ECM, you not only receive the best equipment and service for your process, but you also have the option to access our 24/7 phone support program. At any time you need assistance, simply call the number and leave your name, call-back number and a detailed description of the issue. ECM will then call you back within an hour.

Put your production team at ease with prompt reactivity to ensure effective troubleshooting, process uptime, equipment efficiency, and reduce scrap by saving product batches.

Taking care of you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

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