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  • Innovation

    Our company has thrived on innovation of thermochemical processes, high pressure gas quenching and equipment for more than 90 years. In that time we have learned to work together with our customers and their needs to provide solutions that will help them provide products beyond their industry standards every day.


    Applying dedicated and detailed processes to intricate and precise equipment process control is where we excel.  We are continuously advancing our processes daily with new developments and equipment designs. We are ready to apply these innovations to your needs. Our patented processes and numerous equipment installations for Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing (INFRACARB), Carbonitriding, Step Quench , Stop Quenching and High Pressure Gas Quenching are responsible for our title “World Leader in Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces”

  • Quality

    We take an active and continuous role in providing high quality in our equipment and in the parts our customers produce. This starts with the quality of our service and being involved in your business decisions for your heat treating needs. Details of your products and of our processes are aligned to produce high quality equipment for a long lasting high production manufacturing heat treatment line. We have the experience of over 90 years and hundreds of furnaces to know what components can be used under the extreme conditions of the applications and this leads to a high quality installation overall for our company and for your processes.

  • Proximity

    Our expertise is available for every customer, wherever they are, to ensure they get the best from their systems. In our world sales network, every ECM correspondent strives to understand local requirements to provide a complete solution to the customers' specific needs.


    Field assistance logistics service can provide "as needed" solutions. Remote assistance has been set up to accelerate and facilitate service through  the internet.  These services are available from our corporate owned subsidiaries worldwide. Our products can be found on almost every continent and wherever they can be found, service is there for our customer’s needs.


    Installation and classroom training can also be provided as needed to the customer to optimize the systems operation, energy usage and overall uptime. Upgrades to existing systems are always available to provide for product changes, layout and floorspace evaluations. We provide a world presence like no other furnace supplier. One process can be duplicated in all your plants all over the world the same high quality support expectations.


World Leader in Low Pressure Vacuum Carburizing Furnaces


As experienced vacuum furnace manufacturers, the team at ECM USA, Inc. is equipped to fulfill your heat treatment needs. Regardless of whether you need a carbonitriding furnace, vacuum carburizing, furnace, or another solution, we’ve got you covered. Our mission is to create customized metallurgic solutions for industry professionals – particularly those in the automobile and aerospace fields.


Single-Source Products

Each of our unique products is designed with our customer’s requirements in mind, regardless of complexity. Through expert engineering and manufacturing, we build customized solutions – guaranteed to promote uptime, production values and cost-efficiency. To cover all heat treating system bases, our PLC-controlled products include a range of capabilities, such as preheating and automation. Additionally, our solutions allow for the following heat treating processes:


  • Low Pressure Carburizing
  • Carbonitriding
  • Neutral Hardening
  • Oil Quenching
  • Gas Quenching


Ongoing Assistance

Whether you need a vacuum carburizing furnace or annealing furnace, ECM USA not only builds personalized solutions, but also expertly installs them. We make it a point to serve our customers from start to finish. Some of our post-production services include:


  • On-site system assembly
  • Electrical interconnects installation
  • Test runs
  • Upkeep and software training


Committed to Quality

ECM USA may have years of experience manufacturing heat treating furnace equipment, but we’re ever-expanding. Our personnel are dedicated to absorbing everything there is to know in regards to temperature control, vacuum, high pressures, and material properties.


With over 200 worldwide installations, we’re a recognized industry leader. Through our patented INFRACARB process, we’ve not only exceeded our customers’ needs, but have revolutionized low pressure carburizing furnace supply and technology.


Give us the opportunity to show you why we’re renowned for our innovative and customized solutions. Call us today at (262) 605-4810.


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