LOW PRESSURE VACUUM TECHNOLOGY: Your Green Initiative Solution

Vacuum furnaces use cold wall technology that enables higher temperature treatments and easy integration into machining lines. It allows for a higher throughput, but also prevents inter-granular oxidation during carburizing thanks to the absence of oxygen. Vacuum also improves employee safety by removing the risk of fire hazards and open flames generated during the process. Furthermore, thanks to the higher productivity and minimized energy loss with vacuum technology, you will see an increase in production efficiency which directly influences environmental standards and green initiatives.

ECM’s most sustainable alternative to conventional heat treating, the ECO, is a double chamber vacuum furnace installation with integrated oil quenching cell that gives you a cleaner, safer, and more efficient heat treatment operation. Energy consumption is minimal, CO2 emissions are near 80% less, and safety concerns are eliminated with the removal of open flames and fire hazards.

  • • Replace batch IQ and/or sealed quench systems
  • • Electric heating, cold-wall technology
  • • No fire hazards or open flames
  • • Minimize energy loss and CO2 emissions
  • • Increased production & process repeatability
  • • Prevent inter-granular oxidation

In addition to a significantly reduced environmental impact, ECM vacuum heat treatment installations improve metallurgical properties of treated parts and can be integrated into existing batch lines, using the same peripheral equipment and conveyors.

For higher production systems, our FLEX, JUMBO and NANO furnace systems provide high production and process reliability with a sustainable process. These systems use electrically heated process cells for many processes including FNC, nitrocarburizing, carbonitriding, brazing, low pressure carburizing and nitriding. They also provide the lowest process emission available in the industry along with the smallest footprint and energy consumption.

“Through a team of dedicated global experts, ECM’s ecological goals support the heat treat industry in its ecological and social transition by designing, manufacturing and implementing high-tech, high-performance, decarbonized (or low carbon) furnace system solutions. Together, we will achieve a more robust, responsible, and sustainable industry adhering to environmental fluctuations.”

– Frédéric FÈVRE, ECM Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Ecologic Transition

ECM has provided hundreds of systems around the world reducing the carbon output by millions of pounds of carbon. We strive to help each customer with their environmental and production needs using the latest in vacuum furnace technology.