Cyberstar Crystal Growth Furnaces

Cyberstar-CZ-webCyberstar-GreentechBrand-logo-01Since the beginning, Cyberstar has been designing and manufacturing reliable and cost effective crystal growth equipment like Czochralski, Bridgman, floating zone, liquid phase epitaxy and, mirror furnaces (infrared or laser heating). These machines are fully computerized for an optimum control of the process giving a maximum yield and requiring minimum supervision. A unique and powerful automatic diameter control is included in the control software of our Czochralski pullers (Oxypullers). Cyberstar also markets some of the building elements of its standard crystal growth machines like translation units, rotation units, chambers, and pulling heads. With these elements, it is very easy to build a customized growth station or improve an existing machine.


Crystals up to 20mm diameter - ideal for research size crystals

CYBERSTAR offers a full range of very powerful Czochralski pullers with capabilities of producing up to 100kg single crystals under controlled partial pressures of oxygen and/or inert gas. These machines can produce various crystals of high quality and uniformity

• Oxypuller 20-04 Industrial Puller
Single crystals up to 4-inch diameter & to 20 kg crystals (chamber topology vertical axis front door opening)

• Oxypuller 05-03 Puller
Single crystals up to 2-inch diameter & to 5 kg crystals (chamber topology horizontal axis front door opening)

• Oxypuller 20-05 Industrial Puller
Single crystals up to 6” dia. and 100 kg crystals (chamber topology: vertical axis front door opening)

• Mini CZ Puller
Crystals up to 20mm diameter - ideal for research size crystals

• High Pressure CZ Puller
Up to 20 kg single crystals under controlled high pressure, suitable for production of 111-V compound semiconductor crystals (e.g. GaAs, lnP and lnSb) by means of the high pressure liquid encapsulated (HPLEC) crystal growth method


Mirror furnace up to 100bar


By means of mirrors to concentrate power coming from a radiating source, it is possible to reach, in a limited volume, very high temperatures. Furnaces using this technique are called mirror furnaces. Different geometries are possible. Cyberstar uses this furnace for the very popular conjugate ellipsoids topology. Radiation sources are placed on each of the independent focuses and light is concentrated at the common focus.

As it can be seen on the overall picture, the machine is equipped with two translation mechanisms. The upper is set above ellipsoids and carry the isostatic pressed starting material. The lower is set below ellipsoids and moves the single crystal seed. In a typical growth run, a pendent droplet is made by moving the starting material down to the hot zone and the seed is moved up. When it touches the droplet and the thermal equilibrium is found, both translations are moved down synchronously at the crystallization speed like in the floating zone technique. It allows the growth of crystals without a crucible. This machine is equipped with the outstanding Cyberstar translation and rotation units (building blocks).

• High temperature up to 3000°C

• Maximum operating gas pressure: 100 bars


Industrial four zones Bridgman vertical furnace (II - VI compounds)


For crystallizing various materials, Cadmium Telluride, II-VI compounds, CaF2, Cyberstar can produce any kind of multi-heating elements Bridgman furnace with long “thermally flat” zones per customer specifications. With our technique it is possible to limit the number of independent controllers for a given temperature distribution. Up to an internal diameter of 500 mm, our building blocks are sufficiently versatile to fulfill almost any need with necessary adjustments.

For bigger furnaces we have the possibility to carry out numerical simulations, and can reduce the time needed for a new development. We can manufacture heating chambers of any size for crystals up to 200 kg. Frames are made of square welded steel tubes and are stable for vibrations free operation. Our machines are provided with integrated powerful elevators for lifting chambers and/or handling crucibles and crystals when necessary. All other elements are standard: translation units, rotation units, electronic control system, power stage, power feed through and heating elements.

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