ECM Greentech: Cyberstar Crystal Growth Furnaces

Cyberstar-CZ-web ECM Greentech designs and manufactures reliable and cost-effective crystal growth equipment, under brand Cyberstar: Czochralski, Bridgman, floating zone, liquid phase epitaxy and, mirror furnaces (infrared or laser heating). Cyberstar, a French company founded in 1986, was integrated into the ECM Group’s Greentech division in 2017.

ECM Cyberstar Complete Systems: Czochralski systems in several standard sizes (all equipped with vacuum capable chambers, stainless & standard bellows), high pressure (100 bar) Czochralski, CZ-Resistive systems, Bridgman – horizontal, vertical, vacuum, THM, (custom zone-gradient technology), LPE, ACRT Function, TSSG, LPE for lll-V & ll-Vl compounds, Float Zone, an excellent Mirror furnace (vacuum, 10 bar, 100 bar), Micro pull-down (fiber growth), an advanced LHPG furnace, annealing-tempering, Rocking furnace, EFG, High Pressure Compression & custom designed Furnace Systems, Automatic Diameter Control (CZ) software & radiation detectors.

UNIVERSAL COMPONENTS: ECM Cyberstar also offers components that can be used as elements of your own system.  These components consist of pulling/translation mechanisms & controls, rotation units (with or without the highly accurate weighing device), crucible rotation/translation units, furnace-chambers, water-cooled seed shafts, an automatic feeding device, and Automatic Diameter Controlled CZ Software.

The only crystal growth equipment supplier with systems that can perform multiple growth processes in the same furnace (i.e.- CZ/Bridgman, u-PD/CZ).