Heat treatments carried out in the ECM Technologies Turquoise vacuum furnaces are specifically tailored to alloys prone to oxidation: Nickel, Titanium, Cobalt, Chrome, Molybdenum as well as Tungsten. All require to be treated under primary or secondary vacuum.

The design of the Turquoise furnace allows external loading, with a load directly conveyed by the door of the furnace. This system is specifically adapted to an integration within a clean environment. This compact installation allows a wide range of treatments with working temperatures up to 1600°C, while working under primary or secondary vacuum.

The Turquoise range fits with advanced sectors such as Medical, Aeronautics, and Automotive industries. Indeed, our resistor’s patented design insures perfect homogeneity, and the molybdenum heating core and metal insulation certifies clean treatments avoiding any risk of pollution.

Finally, an accelerated neutral gas cooling system is available to increase the productivity, which reduces cycle times.

The main asset of the Turquoise range lies in the easy loading system. Indeed, horizontal design simplifies the manipulation of parts when loading and unloading phases.

Its high quality manufacturing allows to mix high end products features to the reliability of industrial gear gears. Also, the Turquoise range is made of compact installations, convenient to install and allowing a wide range of applications.

• Stress relieving
• Post additive manufacturing treatments

Model Length Width Height
50-25-25 500 250 250
40-40-40 400 400 400
Custom sizes available: Contact Us


• Gas circuit: N2, Ar, H2
• Secondary vacuum
• Accelerated neutral gas cooling
• Gas humidification system
• Temperature up tp 2800°C
• Hyper quench
• Use of special gas: Hydrogen and other reactive gas
• Partial pressure of neutral gas or reductive gas

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