ICBP® Mono

ICBP® Mono vacuum furnaces consist of one heating cell using our patented INFRACARB® process for low pressure carburizing and low pressure carbonitriding. Other processes include: quenching, neutral hardening, vacuum annealing, brazing and sintering. The ICBP® Mono allows smaller production facilities the opportunity to bring their heat treating in-house without sacrificing product quality. The cooling phase is performed with inert gas in the heating chamber. These installations certify a homogeneous process, an equivalent quality to larger installations and a cost reduction regarding production and maintenance.

Possibility to integrate the ICBP® Mono vacuum furnace and all peripherals is possible within a heat treating line made of: washing machine, pre-heating, tempering, storage, transfer system, unloading, and more. Contact Us for More Information

  • Range L x L x H Working Weight
    ICBP MONO 644 600 x 450 x 450 200kg
    ICBP MONO 966 960 x 610 x 660 500kg
    ICBP MONO 1299 1200 x 910 x 910 1500kg