ICBP® Nano

ICBP® Nano is the latest product in the range of Low Pressure Carburizing and carbonitriding furnaces, which uses technologies already proven on over 200 installations and 1000 ICBP® heating cells through out the world. The ICBP® Nano composes one module with 3 stacked up heating cells (which can be extended to 6 heating cells, corresponding to 2 heating modules) and gas quenching cells to quench the parts. The carburizing cells are stacked up to reduce the footprint’s installation as much as possible. The ICBP® Nano integrates directly into the production line which allows it to reduce the cycle time while simplifying the flow between the machining and heat treatment.
  • Treatment Capacity
    Gross Load Width Depth Height
    100 kg 500 mm 600 mm 250 mm

    Advantages of the ICBP® Nano:

    • Flexibility:
      Adding 3 extra heating cells on an existing installation to increase the productive capacity.
    • Guaranteed Performance:
      Thanks to our test platform and integrated metallurgy laboratory.
    • Improved Productivity:
      Directly integrated into the machining line.
      Shorter treament cycles (possible speed: 1load / 7.5mm)
    • Shorten installation time on site:
      The equipment is completely assembled and tested before shipment with minimal   disassembly, reassembly and start is greatly shortened.

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    • Vacuum Carburizing
    • Vacuum Carbonitriding
    • Hardening
    • High Temperature Tempering
    • Vacuum Annealing
    • Brazing
    • Sintering