JetStar® RTP Furnace

JETSTAR is the Jipelec software-controlled standalone-type rapid thermal annealing (RTA) system dedicated to research-to-production applications.

JETSTAR has been specially developed to meet R&D unit requirements involved in the development and qualification of industrial processes while managing their implementation in production. In a standard model, this RTP furnace is equipped with a manual loading/unloading system for the post-production stage. It then can be easily upgraded with an automated cassette-to-cassette loadlock or a cluster introduction module for fast and easy move to the fabrication area. The multi zone control for enhanced temperature uniformity associated with pyrometer, thermocouple temperature sensors and PID temperature controller provide highly accurate and reproducible thermal performance at any temperature.

• Cold-wall chamber design for excellent process performance
• Substrate size up to 300-mm diameter
• Temperature range from RT to 1250°C with ramp rate up to 200°C/s
• MFC-controlled gas lines for solid, liquid and gaseous precursors
• Atmospheric and high-vacuum process (10-6 mbar) capabilities
• Loadlock and process chamber fully configurable

• Rapid thermal annealing, implant monitoring
• Rapid thermal oxidation and nitridation
• Rapid Thermal Diffusion (RTD) – e.g. Spin-on Dopant
• Crystallization, carbonization
• Contact alloying
• RTCVD processes (Poly-Silicon, Silicon Nitride, SiO2, etc.)

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